Dutch model gives insight into Gaddafis

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A Dutch model, Talitha van Zon who has become caught up in the unrest in the Libyan capital Tripoli has given an interview to British newspaper .

She says she was shocked when she saw Mutassim Gaddafi last week. The model was in Tripoli at the invitation of Gaddafi’s son when rebels more or less took over control of the capital this week.

Fearing for her life, she broke her arm when she jumped from a balcony trying to flee the rebels. In the newspaper she described her former boyfriend as a changed man: "He had a beard, he was sitting on a couch strewn with automatic weapons, and he was guarded by unsmiling 16-year-old boys with sub-machine guns."

Power The newspaper describes how journalist Nick Meo found the former playboy centrefold alone and frightened in a hospital in Tripoli. She has now been evacuated by a humanitarian ship possibly to Malta.

In the interview, the model gives a unique insight into the last weeks of the Gaddafi regime. She describes her decision to visit Tripoli as her big mistake.

She says met Mutassim only once for a drink a day before the rebels reached Tripoli. “He was not afraid that the regime would fall to the rebels.” He also praised his late brother, Saif al-Arab Gadaffi, who was killed in a NATO bombing in April, calling him a martyr. "He worshipped his father. He talked a lot about Hitler, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez. He liked leaders who had a lot of power. He always said 'I want to do better than my father'."

People trafficking A friend of Ms van Zon who was with her in Tripoli earlier this year, pressed charges against Mutassim Gaddafi for sexual assault on her return to the Netherlands. She has also accused Ms van Zon of human trafficking. Her lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz, says his client who wishes to remain anonymous believes Ms van Zon received money for inviting her to Libya.

In the newspaper interview, Ms van Zon says she was hoping to receive money to help her father who is suffering from Alzheimers disease.

According to Dutch daily the assault claims were not taken seriously by the Dutch authorities, as the woman’s story was thought “unlikely”.

Ms van Zon met Mutassim Gaddafi in an Italian night club in 2004. During a three-month relationship he showered her with expensive trips and gifts. She ended the relationship after she realised he was seeing other women. The two remained friends.

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