Dutch minister defends climate change data

11th December 2009, Comments 2 comments

The Dutch environment minister dismisses MPs who are sceptical about climate change following the leaked emails row.

The Hague – Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer lashed out Thursday at climate-sceptic MPs who questioned if global warming is man-made.

During a debate in the Dutch parliament about climate change, opposition Freedom Party and independent MP Rita Verdonk questioned if the problems of climate change existed.

The politicians referred to the leaked emails that sparked a row over the science behind climate change. The emails, intercepted from scientists at Britain's University of East Anglia, a top centre for climate research, have been seized upon by sceptics as evidence that the experts manipulated figures in order to dramatise global warming.

Some of leaked emails expressed frustration at the scientists' inability to explain what they described as a temporary slowdown in warming and discussed ways to counter the campaigns of climate change naysayers.

Another opposition party, the VVD, called for new independent research.

Cramer, backed by the majority of MPs, rejected the requests for new research, saying: "If so many scientists draw similar conclusions about global warming, then that is what I base my policies on. Such a wide consensus necessitates action."

The minister, who will travel to the Copenhagen summit on Saturday, said she will continue to rely on data supplied by IPCC, the United Nations climate panel.

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  • b4blue posted:

    on 12th December 2009, 19:49:19 - Reply

    He is probably a member of a Roman Club, of course he will defend this agenda.
  • Dirty Harry posted:

    on 11th December 2009, 14:40:45 - Reply

    Yes wouldn't it be inconvenient if the basis for all these environment taxes and expensive parking was dubious - to say the least. Which it is. CO2 is not our problem, and the science is along way from clear. They can't even fabricate it properly.