Dutch military police guilty of discrimination

11th September 2008, Comments 2 comments

Military police detained a Dutch citizen of African origin at Schiphol Airport for a day without giving him any food or water, says the National Ombudsman.

11 September 2008

SCHIPHOL -- The National Ombudsman says the military police were guilty of discrimination and abuse of power when they detained a man at Schiphol Airport.

The man, a Dutch citizen of African origin, was involved in an argument in the arrivals hall during the night. Four military police officers took his identity card from him and later pushed him to the ground and handcuffed him.

The man, who had come to collect a friend arriving from Gambia, was told he would be sent to a deportation centre. He was not released until late the following day, during which he was given no food or water.

The ombudsman says Defence Minister Eimert van Middelkoop should apologise and also consider changing the training given to military police.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Gabriel posted:

    on 12th September 2008, 15:41:01 - Reply

    Racism at it peak, never mind apologising these racsit MPs should be reprimanded and the victim fully compensated.
  • steve posted:

    on 12th September 2008, 11:10:43 - Reply

    This is a pathetic revelation. The military policemen involved must be suspended and an immediate investigation into the matter ordered, otherwise the reputation of the entire Dutch military police is on the line.