Dutch man arrested in Amanda Todd cyberbullying case

18th April 2014, Comments 10 comments

A 35-year-old Dutch man has been arrested in connection with the suicide of a Canadian teenage girl that sparked a worldwide debate on cyberbullying and online harassment, prosecutors said on Friday.

Canada will begin extradition proceedings "so that the man may face the court linked with the Amanda Todd case," prosecutor's office spokesman Paul van der Zanden told AFP.

The suspect was arrested in January in the southern town of Tilburg and is suspected of having forced dozens of young women as far afield as the United States, Britain and Netherlands of performing sex acts in front of their webcams.

Canadian authorities linked the man to the Todd case as early as October 2012, just after the girl's suicide, van der Zanden said.

Prosecutors allege that the suspect, identified as Aydin C. by Dutch media, blackmailed girls into performing lewd acts, threatening them with the public revelation of earlier acts if they failed to deliver.

According to the suspect's lawyer, quoted by a Dutch news agency, the man has requested a trial in the Netherlands and will fight his extradition.

Todd's suicide, after being tormented by an anonymous cyberbully, sparked a national debate in Canada and worldwide on what is appropriate online behaviour, with calls for criminalising bullying.

In a YouTube video watched by millions worldwide, Todd, 15, said she suffered from anxiety, "major depression" and panic attacks after a photo of her breasts, flashed in an online video chat with a stranger, was distributed in her community in Canada's westernmost British Columbia province.

She said she withdrew and turned to drugs and alcohol, and "cried every night."

In the video Todd laments a lack of friends due to the controversy, a schoolyard beating over a boy and changing schools several times to escape blackmail. "I have nobody. I need someone," she said

After several failed suicide attempts and posting the YouTube video describing her sadness, Todd finally killed herself in October 2012.

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  • fredflange posted:

    on 24th April 2014, 16:15:33 - Reply

    @jesus, according to that article you link to, cancer survival rates in the Netherlands are slightly above the European average. So your claim that the NL has the highest number of death cases is wrong. For example the UK and Denmark both perform worse then the NL. So maybe you should link to another article.
  • not dutch posted:

    on 24th April 2014, 11:16:39 - Reply

    I can not believe people blame the food for cancer! i blame the lack of prevention, maybe if they found cancer on time would exist less cancer victims.. i tried once to get a mamogram and papanicolau (regular tests to find breast cancer that in other countries are recomended once a year for PREVENTION) and doctors looked at me like im crazy, why would i want to get an study if didnt have any symptoms of cancer!.. pff how stupid of my part!

    You have to be dying of cancer to get a treatment, too late, you die.

    And about the pedophiles.. I also agree with the rant!

  • jesus posted:

    on 23rd April 2014, 15:16:26 - Reply


    Well, NL sure is in the top5 highest cancer rates
    and definitely highest in death cases (I always knew Dutch hospitals are dangerous!)

    I guess if you eat that Dutch 'beef'...ehum..excuse me... CANCEROUS sick horse meat (sold as Beef by the dutch maffia)..then you most certainly will catch cancer sooner than later.

    But hey, suit yourself. Your beloved NL is 'cancer free' ahahahhaha- happy now?

  • BlahdeBlah posted:

    on 22nd April 2014, 14:36:36 - Reply

    Ah Fred, so you believe that that should have a right to politically organize at all. Good for you. Thanks for proving my point. Better luck next time.
  • fredflange posted:

    on 21st April 2014, 21:00:49 - Reply

    Diana, if you state facts then please make sure they are correct. The Netherlands has nowhere near the highest number of cancer cases. That honor belongs to Denmark.
  • fredflange posted:

    on 21st April 2014, 20:20:07 - Reply

    @BlahdeBlah, and at how many elections that party took part? Right. None. Nobody ever voted for them.
  • diana posted:

    on 21st April 2014, 15:12:34 - Reply

    completely agree with 'the rant'.

    Netherlands people are a mentally sick bunch.
    In fact, they are physically sick too. No country in the world records a higher number of cancer caces (check globocan website and reuters). And who is to blame? right the dutch meat sales man, who sells 'beef' which in fact is sick HORSE meat and cancerous after consumption.

    I hate being half dutch. It makes me vomit. It really does.
  • BlahdeBlah posted:

    on 21st April 2014, 14:22:57 - Reply

    Do your research, genius. It's called the The Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity - news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/5038682.stm. Guess you're not "integrated" enough.
  • fredflange posted:

    on 20th April 2014, 10:24:48 - Reply

    Stupid rant. Pedophiles never had political representation in the Netherlands.
  • BlahdeBlah posted:

    on 19th April 2014, 11:20:21 - Reply

    Trial in the Netherlands? The country where pedophiles have political representation? But hey, that's cool since they're Dutch people. The Hague has definitely let it be known time and again that Dutch pedophiles are better than anyone who's foreign. The POS in Tilburg is now scared that his actions will have consequences for him. He doesn't seem to care about anyone else which is, I gotta say, typically Dutch.

    Maybe Canada can lock him up for a while before he gets tried and sentenced to a nice long stint in an American jail.