Dutch language skills a welfare requirement

14th April 2011, Comments 16 comments

The ability to speak the Dutch language should be a prerequisite for receiving welfare. Those who do not speak Dutch must take complete a course immediately or their benefits will be reduced or halted.

The move is part of a package of measures presented Thursday by Minister of Social Affairs Henk Kamp to tighten rules for migrant workers from other European Union member states. 

The language condition for aid will apply to “everyone,” said the minister, including new migrants and those who already reside in the Netherlands.

That knowledge of the Dutch language should be a welfare requirement has been a long-held position of the liberal conservative VVD. 

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  • Jaye posted:

    on 20th April 2011, 11:59:34 - Reply

    Geweldig idee. Als je immigreert moet je je aanpassen (tenminste op het niveau van taal) anders ben je maar net als een piraat die eignelijk niet in zijn nieuwe land wil zijn.
  • Andrew Meechan posted:

    on 20th April 2011, 11:41:00 - Reply

    sounds like another Dutch racist idea or perhaps i won't have to pay any Dutch tax if i'm counted out of their welfare system !
  • John posted:

    on 20th April 2011, 11:31:47 - Reply

    Brilliant idea. This measure will improve life in general for everybody. More jobs will be created, the cost of living will come down and living standards and social harmony will be improved. The guy is a genius.