Dutch insurers to cover removal of breast implants

26th January 2012, Comments 0 comments

Dutch insurers have decided to fully reimburse women for the removal of the French breast implants, after revelations earlier this month that the implants are prone to bursting. The Dutch health care insurance umbrella organisation Zorgverzekeraars Nederland ZF has opted to cover surgery for women irrespective of whether the implant was placed for medical or cosmetic reasons.

The insurance companies are also looking into whether they can recoup the costs of the operations. Around 1000 to 1400 women in the Netherlands have the French-made PIP implants.

The Dutch health inspectorate had recommended earlier that women have PIP implants removed, because there is a large chance of them leaking or bursting. The insurance companies say this recommendation is the reason why they decided to cover the costs of surgery. “The whole situation is bad enough for the women affected,” said a spokesperson for ZN. “Healthcare insurers don’t want to leave them pay for the costs as well.”

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