Dutch ice man plans to reclaim record

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Ice man Wim Hof plans to reclaim the world record for emerging himself in ice for the second time.  At an environmental meeting on global warming in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve, the Dutchman wants to withstand almost two hours in a container of icecubes dressed in just a pair of swimming trunks.

On Wednesday, he did a test run for five minutes in cold water. According to Wim Hof, surviving in extremely low temperatures is a matter of good mental preparation. To do so he has mastered mediation techniques used by Tibetan monks. “I have a kind of thermostat in my head. If I can control my head, I can control the temperature in my body.”

Wim Hof first took the record almost a year ago, when he managed to stand in ice for an hour and 44 minutes. His body temperature hardly fell. But the record was broken a couple of months later, when Chen Kecai from China endured the ice for just four minutes longer.

On New Year’s Eve, Mr Hof plans to put his name back in the Guinness Book of Records. He hopes he can withstand the cold for an hour and 50 minutes this time.

The Dutchman has more records to his name for the enduring extreme cold. He once descended the snowy slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts and bare feet in two days. He also ran a half marathon bare-footed at the North Pole in temperatures of minus 20 degrees.  



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