Dutch hit by new E.coli seed sprouts scare

27th June 2011, Comments 0 comments

Health Minister Edith Schippers is advising Dutch consumers not to eat raw rocket, mustard or fenugreek seed sprouts for the time being.

The French government has ordered the withdrawal of the sprouts from sale after people in the Bordeaux vicinity were infected with the rare E. coli O104:H4 bacterium. Some of those affected have developed the acute HUS kidney disorder.

The bacterium is the same type that was responsible for the recent E. coli outbreaks in Germany. The French authorities say it’s probable that the seeds used for the sprouts were infected and caused the present outbreak.

The Dutch Food and Commodities Authority nVWA is investigating whether batches of the seeds in question have been transported to the Netherlands. Dutch consumers are being warned not to sprout these sorts of seeds themselves.

The dangerous E.coli bacterium has so far not surfaced in the Netherlands.

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