Dutch historian: bar Princess Mximas father

22nd October 2011, Comments 1 comment

Princess Máxima’s father, Jorge Zorreguieta, should be barred from the coronation of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, his son in law, says Michiel Baud, Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Ten years ago, Professor Baud was asked by Prime Minister Wim Kok to investigate Mr Zorreguieta’s role as Argentina’s deputy agriculture minister during the military rule of General Jorge Videla in the late 1970s, when thousands of people were tortured and killed during the country’s Dirty War.

Ten years on, Mr Baud continues to condemn Mr Zorreguieta’s participation in a regime that was responsible for widespread human rights violations. But more than that, he adds, he is shocked that Mr Zorreguieta has still failed to address the concerns his past have raised in the Netherlands. “What surprises me the most is that, 30 years later, he has never distanced himself in any way from what he did during Videla’s regime”, Professor Baud says. “Apparently, he is still not willing to do so.”

Mr Zorreguieta, aged 83, doesn’t have to pronounce a “mea culpa”, Professor Baud adds. “He could also say: ‘I understand people find this difficult, it wasn’t the easiest period of my life’, or: ‘Perhaps I’d do things differently now.’”

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  • Juan Oliveira posted:

    on 7th November 2011, 07:55:36 - Reply

    So much is said about the violation of human rights in Argentina. Funny thing is that no one remembers that the armed communist forces started all the violence in Argentina by killing generals, admirals, colonels, majors, captains and lieutenants almost on a weekly basis. Eventually the armed forces retaliated . An so in March 1976 the military took over and killed some 10,000 Marxist Peronist and ERP guerrillas. The bulk of the disappeared were armed combatants and their active collaborators. In all some 13,000 (including police, military personnel and civilians murdered by communists) were killed during the Dirty War.