Dutch government says Muslim radicalisation down

19th December 2008, Comments 1 comment

More Muslims speaking out against extremism and less sermons inciting violence are indications that measures to combat radicalisation have been successful.

THE NETHERLANDS – Measures introduced to combat radicalisation and the polarising of groups within society has been successful, indicates a government report.

The report says the number of sermons inciting hatred or violence has decreased, while an increasing number of Muslims are speaking out against extremism.

The report collates the results of various research and information from the intelligence services.

It states that the Dutch have become slightly more positive about immigrants and the Islamic community. The document concludes that of the 850,000 Muslims in the Netherlands, only 3 percent is open to radicalisation.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Mark posted:

    on 20th December 2008, 08:28:38 - Reply

    Does anyone expect the Dutch government to report anything else but these phoney facts? As Bob Dylan once wrote: "You don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". Same thing applies to the Muslim threat in the Netherlands. I have been there every year for the past ten years. My, my, my, how Amsterdam and Holland have changed. While most Dutch politicians remain in denial (not you HIrsi or Geert), and feed this transparent propaganda to the hungry frightened masses, the very foundations of what made this country so dear to me and so unique in the history of Europe are being eroded right in front of our eyes. And guess what? Dutch taxpayers are funding their own demise! I will never forget Theo's plea for mercy and his killer's animalistic response. Will you? Just remember, your sons or daughtersr could easily be the next victims of cold blooded assasination if they have the courage to stand for everything your Dutch ancestors believed in and fought so long and hard for. Humor, bad taste, FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Am I to believe that at the beginning of the 21st Century such basic rights are now arbitrarily punishable by incarceration and public humiliation? Cartoons lampooning unprovable beliefs are now cause for hysteria and murder? Isn't the Pope and the Catholic church for all its grandeur and pomposity still openly ridiculed and mocked with nary a murder or a call to "jihad"? At least it was when I first visited the Netherlands for the first time, and it all seemed to make perfect sense in a country where the challenging of authority and the questioning of the questionable was merely a bi-product of freedom of expression whereby the worst outcome would be at worst the creation of lively conversation.....not a dagger through the heart of a free thinking big mouth with an admitted penchant for the outrageous. An equal opportunity offender. His crime was not calling Muslims "pig fuckers". To his killer his crime was exposing the thoughts and experiences of a Muslim woman who's razor sharp memories and ideas made her a true revolutionary and the bravest woman of the past 50 years. Wake up Netherlands! It is almost too late. From: Your friend in the United States.
    P.S. I hope my children are able to visit your beautiful country before Sharia Law becomes the law of the land. This is not fantasy. Look at your census information and that of all the countries in Europe. The era of selfish, self centeredness should be replaced by a new dawn of the appreciation of family, culture and history.