Dutch fundamentalist Christians go on-line

7th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

Internet is no longer taboo for Dutch fundamentalist Christian communities.

At a synod in Barneveld, a majority of the delegates agreed that the internet has taken root in society to such an extent that church communities can no longer avoid using it.

The is a pietistic, ultra-orthodox protestant church community with about 24,000 members. Most of them live in small towns and villages scattered across the Dutch Bible belt, which stretches from the southwestern province of Zeeland to the northeastern province of Overijssel.

In the Netherlands they are known as ‘black stocking churches’, because of the extremely conservative dress code of their members. Many of them do not watch television or even listen to the radio.

One speaker at the synod described the internet as a “phenomenon we need to keep as far away from us as possible” but others said the internet can also be used in a positive and usefull way.

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