Dutch foreign minister lashes out at Wilders

10th April 2009, Comments 2 comments

Maxime Verhagen says Wilders is turning Netherlands into a country of "us against them”.

THE NETHERLANDS – Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has issued a stinging criticism of the Freedom Party's leader Geert Wilders.

Speaking on Wednesday evening at the Movies that Matter festival in The Hague, Verhagen said Wilders used generalisations to sow discord and pit different groups of people against one another.

According to the minister, Wilders is forcing people to centre their identities on their religion – which is just one factor in their lives. He added that Wilders' remarks were dividing the Netherlands into a country and “us against them” and that he did not wish to live in such a land.

“This is not the Netherlands, where I want to live. I want to live in the Netherlands of shared values,” said Verhagen.

The minister sees respect and human rights as a glue that binds people together. He also believes that Muslims should be able to practice their religion in the Netherlands.

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  • Daniel Lang posted:

    on 11th April 2009, 09:54:17 - Reply

    It seems that another Dutch politician has their head in the sand. Mrs. Verhagen, it is not a case of "us against them," but rather, them against us. If foreigners want to live in Holland and be like the Dutch, they need to be like us, not the other way around!
  • bob23bob posted:

    on 11th April 2009, 09:34:26 - Reply

    Verhagen: "I want to live in the Netherlands of shared values"!
    What kind of values does Dutch society share with Islam?