Dutch experts dismantle spam network

19th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dutch experts have helped an international team dismantle a world-wide illegal computer network, computer giant Microsoft has announced. The Rustock botnet is thought to have sent billions of daily spam messages from some one million infected private computers.

The Dutch High Tech Crime Unit was responsible for breaking up the network's command structure outside the United States. The investigation into the cyber crime network, which took over one month, also involved Viagra maker Pfizer, the US authorities and Chinese experts.

The notorious Rustock network is said to be among the largest ever to have been dismantled. It's thought to have been responsible for at least half of all the spam messages sent around the world every day. The number of spam messages is believed to have peaked at some points at 30 billion spam messages in a single day. The cyber crime experts saw one computer send out 7,000 spam messages in a mere 45 minutes.

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