Dutch embassy follows Ingabire trial

5th September 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dutch ambassador Frans Makken has told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that the embassy in Rwanda is closely following the trial of politician Victoire Ingabire which opened on Monday morning.

Ms Ingabire is on trial in the capital Kigali on charges of terrorist activities and denying the 1994 genocide. Victoire Ingabire used to live in the Netherlands until she returned to Rwanda last year. She wanted to take part in the presidential elections but was arrested instead.

She says is the victim of a political trial orchestrated by the Rwandan government in an attempt to eliminate the opposition. Her family in the Netherlands fear she may be sentenced to life in prison.

The Dutch ambassador emphasised that his options are limited. “Of course we’re following the Ingabire trial closely. A number of representatives of the Dutch embassy are present in the courtroom to observe the proceedings. That’s what we promised the Dutch parliament we would do.”

The Kigali court has rejected a request for an extension by the Public Prosecutors Office which wanted to collect more evidence against Ms Ingabire in the Netherlands.

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