Dutch device protects against roadside bombs

23rd December 2011, Comments 0 comments

A Dutch invention could help protect soldiers in war zones from the deadly effects of roadside bombs, daily reports.

The ‘ABDS active blast countermeasure system’ developed by Dutch firm TenCate is installed in armoured vehicles to limit injuries caused by Improvised Explosive Devices IEDs. If the vehicle hits an IED, a network of sensors detects the bomb microseconds before it detonates. The system then stabilises the vehicle so the blast doesn’t blow the passengers into the air, thus limiting injuries.

TenCate has successfully tested its system against the most powerful category of IEDs. The company plans to put the device into operation in the coming two years. The armies of four major NATO countries have already expressed interest, TenCate says.

IEDs are a major cause of fatalities among soldiers in war zones. They are as deadly as they are easy to manufacture.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is increasingly deploying roadside IEDs. In response, the ISAF member countries now chiefly transport their military personnel by helicopter rather than by road. The Taliban’s IED strategy is therefore proving effective in restricting the ISAF forces' ability to move freely.

TenCate, based in the eastern Dutch town of Almelo, previously supplied fire-resistant uniforms to the US army in Iraq.

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