Dutch court requests footage of Somali pirates

11th July 2011, Comments 1 comment

A court in Rotterdam wants to see all the footage of a shoot out between the Dutch navy and Somalian pirates and of the arrest of the pirates.

Nine Somalians are currently standing trial for hijacking an Iranian fishing boat. They are also suspected of attempting to murder Dutch sailors.

The pirates were arrested by sailors from the HNLMS Tromp off the Somalian coast on 2 April.

The defence has requested the footage as the navy often records operations in which violence is likely to be used. The question they want to answer is who started the shooting.

The court has also ruled that the crew of the Iranian ship should also appear as witnesses if at all possible.

A second case involving Somalian pirates will also go to court on Tuesday in Rotterdam. In this case, five suspects are standing trial for hijacking the South African yacht Choizil. These suspects were arrested by Dutch frigate the HNLMS Amsterdam in November off the coast of Tanzania.

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  • Ciccio posted:

    on 13th July 2011, 04:11:19 - Reply

    First off, piracy has been a Muslim tradition for 100's of years, until the European navies got powerful enough the Mediterranean seas and shores were dangerous for non- Muslims, so what are these Dutchmen doing helping a country that has sworn to destroy the West. Secondly, the Somalis claim they entered into piracy because their fishing industry was destroyed by foreign fishermen, what is an Iranian fishing boat doing in Somali waters.