Dutch considering role in Libyan no-fly zone

18th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch government is considering whether the Netherlands will take part in the realisation of a no-fly zone over Libya. Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said on Friday that the government would look into the “possibility and desirability” of a Dutch contribution to the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution.

Consultations are now in progress “chiefly along military lines”, Mr Rosenthal said, both with NATO and other countries. He declined to comment on whether the Netherlands had received a direct request.

Belgium earlier announced that NATO had asked the country to provide F-16 fighter planes for the enforcement of the no-fly zone. However, in the Netherlands the cabinet first has to inform the Lower House that the possibility of a Dutch contribution are being investigated, Mr Rosenthal said, but then no further information would be released until a decision has been taken.

Mr Rosenthal said the Libyan declaration of a ceasefire was positive. “I would describe the announcement as a small straw to clutch at,” he said. “But perhaps they’re finally coming to their senses.” However, he said he found this unlikely given that there are still reports of firing in many locations.


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