Dutch cities tough on troublemakers during New Year

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The city councils of The Hague and Rotterdam are using the new Football Act to ban people from certain areas in the city on New Year's Eve. In the past, New Year's celebrations have been marred by violence.

Three people in Rotterdam have such bad criminal records that they have been banned from certain parts of the city. The bans were imposed in October and and are valid for three months.

The Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb has banned one person from looking up other ringleaders out of fears he plays a leading role in violence. This ban was also imposed in October with New Year's Eve in mind.

In The Hague, six people are not welcome in the city during the New Year's celebrations. In Rotterdam, one person has been banned from certain areas during the celebrations.

A handful of Rotterdammers have been given house arrest on New Year's Eve, in The Hague 15 people have been placed under house arrest during the celebrations.

Anyone found breaching the peace during the New Year's night will spend the night in the cell. In the past, troublemakers were released after the payment of a fine. Sometimes they would then reoffend. Penalties will be 75 percent higher than normal this year.

Anyone who assualts police officers, firemen or ambulance staff can expect a penalty that is 200 percent higher than normal.








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