Dutch can expect cuts, but more roads too

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The incoming right-wing government in the Netherlands is planning a huge motorway building drive, despite the need for drastic cuts in the national budget.

According to leaked documents quoted by daily the government programme includes an increase of "hundreds of millions of euros" on the current budget for motorway construction and maintenance, which is three billion euros a year.

The additional spending is aimed at fighting traffic jams, which in the view of the free-market liberal VVD party are hampering the economy. It is not clear whether the new government will make similar extra investments in public transport, nor for that matter have any cuts in rail and bus service funding been indicated.

Multi-billion cuts Over a four-year period, the VVD-led government is planning spending reductions of up to 16 billion euros to counter the effects of the economic and banking crisis of the last two years.

The budget plans are provisional, because the right-wing coalition is not in office yet. It is expected that the coalition accord between VVD and Christian Democrats will be sealed by MPs this week, followed by a declaration of support from the 24 Freedom Party MPs who are needed to give the cabinet majority support in parliament.

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