Dutch begin new coalition negotiations

5th July 2010, Comments 0 comments

Dutch politicians began fresh negotiations Monday with a view to establish a four-way coalition government between the Liberal, Labour, Green parties and centrists, an official source said.

Queen Beatrix had asked advisors Uri Rosenthal and Jacques Wallage to look into the "rapid establishment" of a four-way coalition government, the royal press service said in a statement.

The formation of such a coalition had been shelved on June 22, but new discussions have taken place since, overseen by politician and royal advisor Tjeenk Willink.

In his report to the queen Monday, Willink said the four-way coalition government "has the greatest legitimacy according to the elections".

The coalition would not include the far-right, anti-Muslim Party for Freedom, which came third in the parliamentary elections on June 9.

The Liberal Party took 31 seats in the vote, followed closely by Labour with 30 seats, the Party for Freedom took 24 seats and the Christian Democratic Party were pushed to fourth place with 21.

The Socialist Party came fifth with 15 seats, and the centrist and green GroenLinks both took 10 seats.

A tie-up between Mark Rutte's Liberal party with Wilders' Party for Freedom, had been floated but scrapped on June 12.

Coalition negotiations, which analysts expect to be long and complex, could take weeks even months.

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