Dutch armed forces are shrinking

4th November 2013, Comments 1 comment

The size of the Dutch armed forces is shrinking so rapidly there will be no need to make any compulsory redundancies because of government cutbacks, according to military unions on Monday.

By last month, there size of the armed forces had shrunk to 41,600, which is just 400 above the required total in defence ministry's spending plans, the GOV/MHB officers union said.

‘Staff have no trust left in the department and are tired of all the reorganisations,' the union said. ‘In particular young people are leaving and need to be replaced in a couple of year.'

Since 2011, 850 soldiers and 1,100 civilian workers have left the armed forces every year.

Last month, a number of defence experts warned that Dutch military capacity is being hurt by the cuts.

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  • kocourkov

    on 5th November 2013, 17:30:32 - Reply

    Wow, Nicaragua's army is 50% larger than the Dutch one. Why not just give up and get rid of any forces at all? You know, stop pretending that NL's forces are at all relevant.