Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders' hate speech trial opens

4th October 2010, Comments 9 comments

Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, set to become a shadow partner in the next Dutch government, went on trial Monday accused of inciting racial hatred against Muslims.

The controversial politician with his signature shock of dyed-blonde hair risks up to a year in jail or a 7,600-euro fine for calling Islam "fascist" and likening the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

The hearing in Amsterdam was opened by presiding judge Jan Moors shortly after 9:00 am (0700 GMT) with Wilders seated in the front row of the courtroom next to his advocate Bram Moszkovicz.

Wilders, 47, is charged with five counts of giving religious offence to Muslims and inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims and people of non-Western immigrant origin, particularly Moroccans.

In comments made between October 2006 and March 2008 in Dutch newspapers and on Internet forums, prosecutors say that Wilders described Islam as "the sick ideology of Allah and Mohammed" and its holy book as "the Mein Kampf of a religion that seeks to eliminate others".

Among the exhibits is Wilders' 17-minute film, "Fitna", alleged to depict Islam as a force bent on destroying the West and whose screening in the Netherlands in 2008 prompted protests in much of the Muslim world.

About 15 uprotesters gathered outside the Amsterdam district court building with a large placard that blamed Wilders for "division and polarisation", as a strong contingent of police, some in riot gear, kept watch.

"The different colours of our society is what makes us rich, but that is being threatened by Mr Wilders," Mustafa Ayranci, one of the group's organisers and head of the Turkish labour association, told AFP.

In the public gallery were about a dozen MPs of Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV), which came third in June 9 elections with 24 seats out of 150 in the Dutch lower house of parliament.

Under a coalition deal being finalised, his PVV will provide a minority cabinet of the Christian Democrats and liberals with the majority they need to pass decisions through parliament in return for a voice in policy formation.

The target of death threats, Wilders has 24-hour state-sponsored protection while pursuing his mission to "stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands".

He campaigns for a stop to Muslim immigration, banning the construction of new mosques, and a tax on headscarves.

Wilders was temporarily banned from Britain last year on race hate grounds.

In Berlin on Saturday, more than 100 people demonstrated against his presence to give a speech at the invitation of a right-wing German politician.

In June 2008, the Dutch prosecution service dismissed dozens of complaints against Wilders from around the country, citing his right to freedom of speech.

But appeals judges ordered in January 2009 that he stand trial as his utterances amounted to "sowing hatred" and exceeded the boundaries of political debate.

Judgment is expected on November 4.

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  • 1389AD posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 07:28:38 - Reply

    Thanks for supporting Geert Wilders and freedom of speech!

    If any of your readers have not yet viewed Geert Wilders' Fitna, The Movie, it is available here: http://1389blog.com/2010/10/04/geert-wilders-trial-postponed/
  • Yolanda Hudgen posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 02:32:44 - Reply

    Mr Wilders is only suggesting policy option in a sophisticated way as a mature, and wise global citizen on irresponsible and wild support to a highly dangerous group of greedy and hate-driven criminals who are committed to serial mass murders for centuries with no end in sight. Resenting criminals is nothing wrong. Criminality is based on hate, greed, and KKK-type supremacist fascist ideology. No Christian will murder if a bible is burnt; even a suggestion was enough to get the Florida pastor dozens of death threats and literally killed Theo van Gogh and nearly killed the Danish cartoonist. Such is the blood thirsty nature of this cult.

    If only one knew about the duration, scale, frequency and wide-spread nature of islamic violence in India, he/she would surely side with Mr Wilders.
    It has been on-going for well over 1000 years on holocaust scale. It is the only country that swa looting and murder for events outside its borders for-
    * Saddam's hanging in IIraq; * Rev Falwell's foul remarks in USA;
    * Cartoons in Denmark; etc. Same way even slightest pretext/context is enough to trigger serial mass murders like the re-capture of "babri mosque" that was lying unused in ruins that caused loss of more than 2000 lives thus equating 1 bldg to 200 lives - a savage equation indeed. NYC mosque is embattled rightly near ground-0.

    No one is hating anyone here; we are resenting with righteous indignation the wild serial mass murders all over the world against the infidels - Shias, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists in the West, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, etc. etc. that well proves this communal gangsters are indeed out of control with no one to send them a clear message that enough is enough. It is a greed and hate driven ideology worthy of contempt, ridicule and scorn. People of India have been the worst victims. Google about "Direct Action", Moplah massacre, Kashmir pundits, etc. Thanks and Regards,
  • Emmitt Mak posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 18:37:16 - Reply

    Religion has shown itself to be divisional, and folly.
    That said, Mr. Wilders should have freedom of speech. I am not sure if the Dutch see it as 'sowing hate', or revealing hate. I'll have to respect their decision on the question.
    I would lean to freedom of speech being the more pressing concern. After all, 'sowing hate' is an incredibly broad theme. When indeed does one cross out of the safe zone and into the sowing hate zone?
  • Sergei Bourachaga posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 12:46:03 - Reply

    Dutch prosecutors should seriously consider putting The Koran on trial due to the fact that, in hundreds of mosques, during every Friday public sermons, hundreds of Muslim clerics rely on verses from Allah’s instructions to demonize and dehumanize Christian and Jews.

    The following Koranic verses are often chanted during the beheading rituals we often see on radical Islamic websites. For the pious Muslim beheading his defenceless hostage, is an act of heroic proportion, because he is slaughtering the Devil incarnated in the human form of an Infidel.
    “Satan has gained possession of The People of The Book (Jews and Christians) and caused them to forget Allah’s warnings. They are the confederates of Satan; Satan’s confederates shall assuredly be lost in hell. The Believers are the confederates of Allah (Hizbollah); and Allah’s confederates shall surely triumph”. Koran 58:19
    “We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (Jews and Christians). They serve other Gods for whom no sanction has been revealed. Hell shall be their home; dismal indeed is the dwelling place of the evil-doers”. Koran 3:149
    “Believers, do not make friends with any men other than your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say, but more violent is the hatred which their breasts conceal”. Koran 3:117

    To understand better the dangers Western democracies are facing today due to the assaults led by Islamic Jihadists on our values and way of life, Gates of Vienna published an article titled “Geert Wilders and The Koran on Trial”.


    Let us remember always: “The Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness [the madness of intolerance]." Sir Winston Churchill

  • Julieta Bruni posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 12:36:50 - Reply

    I agree with Bill 100%. It is ridiculous to even carry out this trial. G.W., just as each one of us commenting, has a right to have an opinion and share it.
  • Bill Bates posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 12:14:25 - Reply

    In my opinion Geert Wilders is the Winston Churchill of the 21st Century.
    His film whle truthful could only cause offence to the mentally impaired.He carries the support of a large number of Dutch and should be listened to.
    This trial is a travesty of justice and reflects the marxist ideology that has brought Europe to its knees.It is time to get up and take back your country
  • Bill Bates posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 12:04:46 - Reply

    You pathetic fools
  • Michel posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 11:05:15 - Reply

    Jailwilderstoday, I totally agree with you, Geert needs to be taught a lesson on his hatred and I feel the only solution for him to be in prison for awhile. The world cannot afford to support idiots like this in our government or any. I too support imprisonment for Geert Wilders
  • JailWildersToday posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 11:00:07 - Reply

    Wilders will do just fine in a prison as it will be a country club to that ugly homo , his butt will be buttered by bubba in no time!! hahah just what he deserves but in his case he will be delighted with a bevy of new lovers as he spreads his stink around.