Dutch airline crew to have detective training

21st March 2011, Comments 0 comments

Dutch airline personnel are to be trained to watch out for victims of human trafficking during flights, according to a plan announced in parliament by Deputy Justice Minister Fred Teeven.

Airlines are to work on a Dutch version of a bulletin by American Airlines, which explains how cabin crew can spot telltale signs of human trafficking or kidnapping. They will also look into increasing the attention for crime prevention during cabin personnel training.

But the proposals to train stewardesses in detective work go a step too far, according to the trade union for airline personnel. Cabin crew already have too much on their plate, union president Ton Scherrenberg told Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

“We’re already extremely busy dealing with procedures, rules and detection activities,” he says. “Since the attacks on the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001 so much has been added to the job. This will really be too much.”

Mr Scherrenberg says cabin crew are already trained to look out for unusual situations. “Anyway, there are all sorts of legal aspects attached that we don’t want to get involved in,” he adds. “We're not detectives.”


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