Dutch ORs closed due to vermin

27th November 2011, Comments 0 comments

Over the past few months several operating rooms in Dutch hospitals have been forced to close due to the presence of vermin.

Only 20 hospitals were willing to disclose any information on the matter in a probe carried out by RTL Nieuws. All 20 hospitals are coping with mice and rats in their basements, cockroaches in their kitchens and flies in their operating theatres.

Over the past three years, flies were found in an OR at least seven times. The OR in question had to be closed and disinfected before operations could be resumed there.

The head of the Centre for Animal Pests, Nico Vonk, calls for more prevention: “Current policy continues to be focused on combating pests once they emerge. We would like to see measures taken that prevent problems from occurring at all.”

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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