Dutch MPs reject judge’s proposed code of conduct

4th June 2009, Comments 0 comments

Politicians have rejected a code of conduct by the chief justice who proposed barring politicians from commenting on court rulings.

The Hague – Dutch MPs have rejected a code of conduct barring politicians from commenting on court rulings.

The code of conduct was proposed by the chief justice Geert Corstens of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, Geert Corstens, who said criticisms from politicians have seriously undermined the administration of justice.

In the past few months, politicians have repeatedly commented on court verdicts and attempted to interfere with court rulings, said Corstens on Wednesday.

Earlier, home affairs minister Guusje ter Horst said judges are wrong to state facing violence is a part of the police job. 

MPs have also criticised a number of court rulings for being too lenient and the decision to prosecute MP Geert Wilders for hate crimes.

Nearly all parties have rejected the proposed code of conduct.

The Christian Democratic CDA said most politicians are quite reserved in their comments, while the Labour Party said judges should show some understanding for reactions from society.

The VVD argued that politicians should not interfere in individual cases, but added judges need to come down from their 'ivory towers'.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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