Dutch Ambassador to Thailand resigns

9th December 2010, Comments 1 comment


The Dutch Foreign Ministry has announced that the Netherlands' ambassador to Thailand has resigned his post over a series of incidents.

Ambassador Tjaco van den Hout's resignation was prompted by a whistleblower's report on fraud involving passport applications and naturalisation requests. The ministry's investigation revealed that part of the report was incorrect, but a spokesperson said that "unacceptable incidents did occur", prompting the ministry to take "appropriate action."

Earlier, this year, the embassy became involved in a scandal when Dutch daily revealed that a Thai accountant had embezzled 300,000 euros of Dutch government funds. The foreign ministry report says the ambassador should have taken action immediately but failed to do so. Also, an embassy official was found to have passed on information to Thai criminals. Mr Van den Hout is blamed for failing to take timely action against the official.



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  • Pieter de Jong posted:

    on 25th December 2010, 18:38:17 - Reply

    Publishing an article without checking facts is unprofessional (that's RNW), publishing article based on lies is libel (that's Telegraaf). Just take a look at Thailandblog.nl, NOS Radio reports, Elsevier, Volkskrant articles- it si a totally different case than printed here. Surely, the lying guy who accused Embassy of all kinds of crimes and none of them were true, he should be brought to the police.