Drivers paid for avoiding Utrecht during rush hours

23rd March 2009, Comments 0 comments

Some 1,000 drivers can get as much as EUR 1,200 if they avoid driving on Utrecht’s motor highways during rush hours.

UTRECHT – About 1,000 drivers taking part in a traffic jams-reduction trial around Utrecht will be eligible for a bonus of up to EUR 1,200 if they avoid driving during rush hours.

Reports in the Dutch press say businesses and local authorities have agreed to the trial to keep drivers off the major motorways as traffic jams are harmful to the economy and the environment.

Participants taking part in the trial will have electronic devices fixed in their cars. The devices will help monitor how often they use the Utrecht area motorways and be checked on a regular basis. Drivers who drive less on the highway will be paid higher bonuses.

The premium will be paid for by the driver's employer, who in turn will be granted a tax reduction and a subsidy.

Earlier trials three years ago to discourage driving during rush hour between the city of The Hague and its satellite town of Zoetermeer yielded a 50 percent reduction.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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