Depressed and burnt out? You suffer from sleep apnoea

30th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

About 25,000 people who suffer from sleep apnoea in The Netherlands have no clue they suffer from it.

30 May 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch Lung Foundation says that people with sleep apnoea are seven times more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than non-sufferers. They're also more frequently unable to work.

People who suffer from sleep apnoea regularly stop breathing when sleeping for more than 10 seconds at a time. This leaves them less rested when they wake up and less able to concentrate.

In The Netherlands, there are approximately 50,000 people who suffer from sleep apnoea, although at least half of them have no idea that they suffer from it. Complaints such as irritability and headaches are attributed to depression or 'burn-out'.

The Lung Foundation expects that the number of those affected will increase in the coming years, due mainly to an increasingly elderly population and the growing numbers of obese individuals.

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