Deaths foretold -- on the net

13th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

Over the past few years more and more killers have chosen to announce their acts in advance on the web.

Paris -- The young German who killed 15 people before turning the gun on himself had announced his intentions several hours earlier on the Internet, the local authorities said on Thursday.

Over the past few years more and more killers have chosen to announce their acts in advance on the web:

Sept 13, 2006: CANADA - A 25-year-old man opens fire in a junior college in Montreal, killing a young woman and wounding 19 other people before turning his gun on himself. Earlier, he had blogged that he wanted to "turn this world into a cemetery" and die "under a hail of bullets".

Nov 20, 2006: GERMANY - An 18-year-old loner obsessed with guns kills himself and injures 37 people after storming his old school in western Germany with explosives strapped to his body. He had announced the impending attack on two separate Internet sites.

Nov 7, 2007: FINLAND - A teenaged gunman kills eight people at a school in the Finnish town of Tuusula, before turning the gun upon himself. He had warned of the killing in an Internet message posted the morning of the attack on the video-sharing site YouTube entitled "Jokela High School Massacre, November 7, 2007".

April 28, 2008: FRANCE - A 15-year-old school student is arrested at Meyzieu in central France for injuring three pupils. Investigators said the young man had "premeditated a killing on the Internet", targeted seven or eight victims and was "very inspired by American killings".

June 8, 2008: JAPAN: A Japanese auto worker is arrested for stabbing to death seven people in Tokyo's Akihabara district after leaving an account of his plan of action on the Internet.

Sept 23, 2008: FINLAND: A 22-year-old culinary arts student kills 10 people in a classroom in the small town of Kauhajoki before committing suicide.

The perpetrator had been questioned by the police a day earlier after having posted on YouTube videos in which he issued warnings.

March 11, 2009: Tim Kretschmer, who slaughtered 15 people before killing himself in the German town of Winnenden told a friend on an Internet chatroom: "I have weapons here and tomorrow morning I will go to my old school. You will hear about me tomorrow. Make note of the name of the place: Winnenden."


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