Dead pirates buried at sea

4th April 2011, Comments 0 comments

The bodies of the two Somali pirates who were probably killed in a fire fight with marines from the HNLMS Tromp have been buried at sea. The frigate’s captain took the decision after in consultation with the defence ministry in The Hague.

A spokesperson for the defence ministry said that the decision was motivated by a number of factors, including the high temperatures in the region and the possibility to return the bodies to next of kin. The bodies of the two Somalis were examined before being buried at sea.

On Saturday morning, the Tromp took action to liberate an Iranian fishing vessel which had been hijacked by pirates. Dutch marines in inflatable boats came under fire when they approached the vessel and subsequently returned fire. Ten of the pirates tried to flee in a fast motor boat when the marines attempted a second approach but gave up when the marines fired a number of warning shots. Another six pirates were apprehended aboard the fishing vessel, while two pirates had apparently been killed in the exchange of fire with the marines.

The Somalian pirates, some of whom were injured, are being held on the frigate. The defence ministry reports that shortly after the liberation of the Iranian vessel, a hijacked merchant vessel ship approached the HNMLS Tromp, apparently with the intention of hijacking the Iranian fishing vessel, but it turned around after the frigate fired several warning shots.

The HNLMS Tromp left the Netherlands on 7 February to take part in the NATO anti-piracy operation Ocean Shield in the Gulf of Aden.


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