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‘Streetwise’ Dutch consumers help cut internet financial fraud

18th March 2015, Comments 0 comments

Internet fraudsters got away with less money last year as Dutch consumers woke up to their tricks, payment organisation Belaalvereninging and the Dutch banking association said on Wednesday.

In total, fraudsters got away with EUR 17.3m, compared with EUR 33m in 2013 and almost EUR 82m in 2012, news agency ANP reports. While joint efforts by banks, police and the justice ministry to cut back on internet financial fraud have had an impact, consumers have also become streetwise, Chris Buijink, chairman of the Dutch banking association, said.

In particular, efforts to stop crooks uploading software to peoples’ computers, which then take money out of their accounts has been successful. This is largely due to improved bank detection systems, which slashed thefts by 90 percent to under EUR 500,000. Theft via phising – the process of finding out credit card and other information – fell from EUR 4.7m in 2013 to EUR 3.9m. Skimming – plundering bank accounts using copied payment cards – also generated less money for crooks. Account holders reported losing a total of EUR 1.3m, compared with EUR 6.8m in 2013.


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