Fewer legal weapons in the Netherlands, one in 82 own a gun

25th May 2015, Comments 2 comments

The number of legal firearms in the Netherlands fell by some 4,000 to 205,347 by the end of 2014, according to police figures.

The drop is the biggest in seven years, said website Nu.nl, which obtained the figures using freedom of information legislation.

Police say there are several reasons for the decline. For example, people who give up hunting have to hand in their weapons, as do people who emigrate. In 2014, one in 82 people owned a firearm. Most guns are kept on the Wadden Islands, in the eastern provinces and in Zeeland, where hunting is most common, Nu.nl said. On the island of Ameland, there are 7.27 guns for every 100 people.. Utrecht has the lowest total – 0.31 guns per 100 inhabitants. In Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Delft the figure is 0.33.


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  • teebonicus posted:

    on 26th May 2015, 22:24:27 - Reply

    This model of citizen gun ownership is unacceptable under a rubric of individual liberty.

    A government that will not trust its citizens with firearms is a government that should not be trusted BY them.
  • Wildfire posted:

    on 27th May 2015, 21:31:04 - Reply

    Gun control laws in Mexico allow only the military and the police to legally possess guns; Mexico also has the 4th HIGHEST murder rate in the World.

    Meanwhile, Switzerland, where virtually every home has a FULL-AUTOMATIC WEAPON, has a violent crime rate lower than Japan.