Uganda bans Dutch film from festival because of sex and smoking

18th May 2017, Comments 0 comments

Uganda has banned a Dutch film from a film festival because it ‘glorifies homosexuality’ and includes scenes featuring sexual intercourse, drinking and smoking, the Dutch embassy in Kampala said on its Facebook page.

The film De Eetclub (the dinner club) was released in 2010 and was on the programme to be screened the Euro Uganda film festival.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and the Uganda Media Council lists the discussion of homosexuality as a reason for the ban. It also points to the fact alcohol is drunk throughout the film and women are shown smoking. The fact the plot centres on ‘cheating spouses’ is another issue

The Dutch embassy said it ‘deplored’ the ban and would pull out of the festival in response.

Screening Dutch film for European Film Festival, “The Dinner Club”, has been cancelled

Unfortunately the Embassy has to announce that the screening of the Dutch entrance for the European Film Festival, the film “The Dinner Club” has been cancelled.
The Uganda Media Council denied the film a classification rating and decided that the film should not be exhibited anywhere in Uganda.

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