Transport minister will not budge on maximum speed limit

Transport minister will not budge on maximum speed limit

28th August 2015, Comments 1 comment

Transport minister Melanie Schultz will not lower the maximum speed limit of 130 kph, broadcaster Nos says on Thursday.

She was reacting to comments by Labour MP Jan Vos, who told the Volkskrant the limit should be lowered to help the government in reducing CO2 emissions.

Schultz told the Nos that the maximum speed limit already meets environmental standards. ‘If these standards are tightened, then the whole government policy will have to be looked at, and not just the maximum speed limit,’ she said.

There has also been a string of complaints from motorists and MPs that the speed limits are confusing. On some roads in the Netherlands they can vary from 80 to 130 kph.

However, Schultz told parliament: ‘We need something clever without there being too many road signs. She stressed that 130 kph is the standard speed on motorways unless otherwise indicated.



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