The Netherlands’ first poo bank wants your deposits

The Netherlands’ first poo bank wants your deposits

10th February 2016, Comments 0 comments

Donated blood, sperm and internal organs are always in hot demand, but the Dutch Faeces Donor Bank wants to add poop to the list.

The bank opened on Tuesday in Leiden, and hopes to collect the faeces of generous donors to treat colostridium difficile, a bacteria which causes infection of the large intestine, Leiden University said.

Colostridium difficile affects around 3,000 patients annually, and usually occurs after antibiotic treatment for other illnesses. While most patients recover normally, about 5% suffer recurring infection. For this, a fecal transplant is the only effective treatment.

‘The effectiveness of the faeces transplant in patients with a clostridium difficile infection was proven in 2013. Since then, the treatment has been included in national and international guidelines,’ said LUMC professor Ed Kuijper.

Safe and accessible

The faeces stored in the bank is screened for diseases and is available to doctors and hospitals across the country. In addition, the LUMC provides training for the doctors who will carry out the transplants.

With cases of colostridium difficile expected to rise, the bank is looking for stool donations from healthy people around the Leiden area.

As a new treatment, Kuijper understands that people may be slow to come forward. ‘It’s not established yet, like giving blood is. I think it’s a matter of getting used to it,’ he said.

People who want to donate their faeces can contact the bank at



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