Tax investigators to track and tap smartphones

Tax investigators to track and tap smartphones

18th August 2015, Comments 0 comments

The Fiod tax investigation service is to track and tap smartphones and tablets, including pre-paid, economic affairs minister Henk Kamp said on Monday.

In order to do so, the Fiod will use so-called IMSI catchers, which look like gms masts and can make contact with the phones.

The phones then send a personal IMSI code to the antenna with which the phone can be tracked. In addition, it is then possible to listen to telephone conversations and to see text messages and internet use.

The Fiod says it needs to be able to track smartphones and tablets in its fight against organised crime, fraud and money laundering.

Until now, the organisation had to apply to the national police force for permission to track smartphones.


According to Kamp, the privacy of Dutch citizens will not be affected. ‘The expected consequences for citizens, companies and the environment are zero because the change only slightly enlarges the circle of those authorised to use the technology,’ he told RTL Nieuws.

The Dutch security service AIVD and its military counterpart MIVD are already allowed to use IMSI catchers without permission of the national police.



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