Take home pay to slip slightly in April

Take home pay to slip slightly in April

30th March 2016, Comments 0 comments

Workers in the Netherlands will notice slightly lower pay packets in April, after tax and pension reforms are fully implemented.

Dutch workers will retain slightly less of their salaries from April as they did in the first three months of the year as changes to the tax and pension premium system are finally fully implemented.

The difference will be two or three euros in most cases, but civil servants will notice a EUR 7 drop because of an increase in pension payments. Workers earning twice the average income of EUR 2,800 gross per month will have some EUR 10 less to spend.

Take home pay went up across the board this year as the government widened the tax bands, shaving EUR 5bn off the national tax bill. The maximum tax rate of 52 percent now kicks in at EUR 66,422 and a new lower rate of 40.4 percent covers income from EUR 19,923 to EUR 66,421.


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