Report problems with asylum seekers to us, says PVV website

8th October 2015, Comments 0 comments

Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration PVV party on Tuesday launched a new website where people can report any nuisance caused by asylum seekers in the Netherlands.

The site is necessary, the PVV says, because of the ‘increasing violence in and around asylum seeker centres’.

In 2012, Wilders launched a similar site for central and eastern European immigrants in the Netherlands. That site has since quietly faded away.


The PVV is currently campaigning hard against the arrival of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Wilders said two weeks ago that the country faces an ‘asylum tsunami’ and called on the Dutch to ‘start a resistance’ against the stream of asylum seekers.

For the opening of the new complaints website Wilders writes that ‘the PVV is giving Dutch citizens the chance to share their experiences with the only political party that is listening to them’.

The increasing numbers of asylum seekers has seen the PVV improve its poll position. A recent poll put the party up seven seats to 34 – 11 more than the current largest party, the coalition partner VVD.

However, political editor Tom van Dijk says in ‘Seven seats is only a couple of percentage points of the electorate.’



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