Public sector pay again in firing line: central bank staff, tv stars face cuts

12th April 2016, Comments 0 comments

Television stars, central bank workers and academics are among the professionals facing pay cuts as the government prepares its next round of slashing public sector salaries.

The aim is to ensure no one who is paid by the taxpayer or public purse earns more than a minister’s basic wage of €179,000 a year. The current limits apply to senior executives but the government wants to extend the threshold to everyone working in the public sector, including advisors and other managers.

Some medical specialists and air traffic controllers will remain exceptions and ministers can also nominate people to receive a higher remuneration package, such as central bank chief Klaas Knot.

Television presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, who presents popular daily talk show DWDD, is one of the tv stars known to earn way above the new limit.

‘It is public money, a public job and the public sector. Then €180,000 is a fine pay cheque,’ home affairs minister Ronald Plasterk said, outlining his plans on Monday evening.

Phased in

A home affairs ministry report last year showed around 40 people in broadcasting, 75 to 100 people in academe and 69 people at the central bank and financial services watchdog AFM currently earn more than the limit.

Eight people earn more than €179,000 as national government civil servants and 16 in local government.

Staff affected by the pay cuts will retain their current salary for four years and then it will be reduced over a three-year period to the new maximum.

The minister’s proposals have been put out to public consultation until May.



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