More childcare subsidy, especially for wealthier parents

30th May 2016, Comments 1 comment

There will be more childcare subsidies from 2017, especially for families on higher incomes, according to a report in the Telegraaf.

The government announced new rules on Friday meaning a family making €100,000 a year – around three times the most common income – could get €944 euros more a year in childcare rebates. All parents will have at least a third of care costs refunded.

The AD also reports that the number of babies per carer in nurseries will also be reduced from 2018, from four-to-one to three-to-one, to reduce ‘damaging’ stress on babies.

More cash for childcare was decided last year in talks between the government coalition partners, and opposition parties the D66 and the CDA. Lodewijk Asscher, minister for social affairs, announced how the extra money would be spent on Friday.

Lower income families are expected to benefit less from the new childcare subsidy money, since most of their childcare costs are already refunded by the state.

The new measures, which include a limit of two carers for baby groups, and requirements for carers to speak good Dutch and have more special training, will cost €180 million a year.



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  • Marie posted:

    on 31st May 2016, 09:27:50 - Reply

    Three to one carers for babies? Frankly it's so unhumane. If a mother had triplets then social services would encourage her to have support or help from either a nanny, au pair, grandparent, or from volunteer helpers. Everyone knows it's impossible for a mother to take care of three babies day in day out with little help. Why is it different in nurseries? Babies deserve one to one care and 'childcare' for children under 2 is probably NOT a good idea in any civilised country. Shame on politicians that make this necessary. There should be more support for family care.