Many Dutch would like a Nexit referendum, but most would vote to stay

7th June 2016, Comments 0 comments

A second opinion poll in the Netherlands shows that a majority of the Dutch support continuing membership of the EU.

Almost four in 10 say there should be a referendum on the issue but if there were a vote, a majority would oppose a Nexit, or Dutch withdrawal, the Financieele Dagblad says on Monday.

The TNS Nipo poll shows 54% of the Dutch consider themselves a strong or moderate EU supporter while 28% are strongly or mildly opposed.

Some 38% support a referendum on Dutch membership, 28% are against and around one-third of the population describe themselves as ‘undecided’ on the issue.

A poll carried out last month by the Ipsos foundation found a narrow majority of the Dutch do not want the Netherlands to hold a referendum on EU membership.

However, if there is a vote, 64% would vote against leaving the EU, the Ipsos poll found.



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