Former MPs find it hard to get a job, 42% unemployed after two years

17th February 2016, Comments 0 comments

Almost half the MPs and ministers who lost their jobs or stood down after the 2012 general election were still without work at the end of 2014, according to home affairs ministry figures.

Of those who had a formal job or did freelance work, 44% were employed within a year of the vote, the figures show.

Last year, unemployment benefit for MPs and ministers cost the taxpayer €2.3m. In total, eight former ministers and 52 MPs were claiming the benefit. Politicians are entitled to 80% of their salary for the first year, followed by 70% for a further 26 months.

This has been reduced considerably in recent years because of protests that ministers and MPs had a better deal than the man in the street.

Website said in December the unemployment benefit bill for former MPs and ministers has reached almost €15m since 2012. The average payment is €3,600 a month.



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