Foreign investors eye up Dutch rental housing market

14th January 2016, Comments 1 comment

Foreign investors, mainly American, British and German, are likely to invest €3bn in Dutch rental properties this year, according to investment advisory group Capital Value.

The company bases its claim on research carried out at 50 major property investment groups which are actively looking for projects in the Netherlands.

In 2013, there were no foreign investors involved in the Dutch rental market but by last year, investments had gone up to €800m – around 26% of total investments.

A shortage of rental property means this year investors are looking at new build projects, Capital Value said.



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  • PAS posted:

    on 15th January 2016, 00:05:43 - Reply

    Foreign investment in the rental housing market will probably only serve to drive up rents even further, thereby pricing many local and the less well off out of their local markets completely. We have only to look across the Channel to London, for example!