Amsterdam’s ring road is the most dangerous

Amsterdam’s ring road is the most dangerous

11th February 2016, Comments 0 comments

A recent report from the Dutch traffic information service VID listed the most dangerous roads to drive on in the Netherlands.

There were more than 900 accidents on Amsterdam’s A10 ring road last year, making it the most dangerous motorway in the Netherlands.

According to figures from traffic information service VID, in total there were 29 accidents for every kilometre stretch of the road, which has an 80 kph speed limit in places. The VID blamed the volume of traffic plus the large number of slip roads for the high accident rate.

The A13 between Rotterdam and The Hague and the A20 near Rotterdam are second and third on the VID list.

Tow trucks

A second analysis of traffic incidents carried out by the vehicle recovery service SIMN, said a bend in the A58 near Roosendaal is the country’s most accident-prone stretch of road. There were 55 accidents there last year which required tow trucks.

The A20 by the Kleinpolderplein is second on the SIMN’s list followed by the junction between the A1 and the A6.



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