Albert Heijn’s superfood ‘cranberries’ are food con of the year

Albert Heijn’s superfood ‘cranberries’ are food con of the year

5th January 2016, Comments 0 comments

Albert Heijn’s ‘superfood’ dried cranberries containing 68% added sugar syrup have been voted food con of the year by visitors to the Foodwatch website.

The supermarket giant has already told the food campaign group it plans to double the percentage of cranberries in the product this year to 60%.

Second in the public vote were Liga milk and strawberry biscuits which contain just 0.03% strawberry powder. Third was Plus supermarket’s ‘light’ peanut butter which compensates for a 30% reduction in fat by a 451% increase in sugar.

Plus has also said it will change the product composition.

Aldi, which was nominated for its ‘richly filled” truffle pasta containing 0.0006% truffle, is to amend the package labelling to remove references to the luxury fungus.

Some 13,000 people took part in the online vote.



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