Banks should make financial transfers 24/7, says Labour MP

26th March 2015, Comments 0 comments

Dutch banks should start making direct debit and other payments 24/7 rather than stick to their current 200 payment days, Labour MP Henk Nijboer told website

It is "absurd" that no financial transfers are made in the weekend and on public holidays given current online developments, Nijboer said. "Everyone should have direct access to their money, whether you are a company owner who buys items on Saturday using a direct debit card or an employee who gets their salary at the weekend," he said. 

Real-time payments should also be possible between different banks, he said. Although banking is largely regulated at a European level, Nijboer said Dutch banks should make a start on the process.

Technically such a shift is possible he said. "After all, during the week, payments appear on your account directly," he poined out. MPs will debate banking services with finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem later on Thursday.

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