Court calls Big Willem in Hells Angels murder case

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4 February 2005AMSTERDAM — A court has indicated it wants to hear testimony from "Big Willem" van Boxtel, the former leader of the Hells Angels in Amsterdam.

4 February 2005

AMSTERDAM — A court has indicated it wants to hear testimony from "Big Willem" van Boxtel, the former leader of the Hells Angels in Amsterdam.

Fifteen members of the Nomads, the Limburg chapter of the Hells Angels, are on trial for the murder of three of their clubmates.

The bodies of the victims, including Nomad leader Paul de Vries, were found in a stream near the southern Dutch town of Echt on 13 February last year. They had been riddled with bullets in the head and chest.

On Thursday, the trial heard the men also appear to have been tortured by being shot through the arms before being killed.

The authorities believe the three were killed in the Nomads' Oirsbeek clubhouse because of a failed cocaine deal. Although apparent attempts were made to remove any trace of the killing, 29 blood stains were found in the building.

Star prosecution witness Angelo D. — a member of the Caribbean Brothers bikers' club — said one of two defendants, Marco H. and Jack S., alleged the pair had carried out the murders because a consignment of cocaine had gone missing. One of the men allegedly said they had removed "the shit from the pavement" because they didn't tolerate "rip deals".

D. also claims the order to kill the victims came from the Amsterdam headquarters of the Hells Angels gang. Expelled Amsterdam president "Big Willem" allegedly knew about the murders.

On hearing this, the presiding judge indicated the court wanted to hear testimony from "Big Willem" himself.

Van Boxtel, 50, was dismissed in disgrace from the Hells Angels last September after his fellow Hells Angels claimed he had admitted plotting to kill top criminal and friend to the Angels Willem Holleeder.

The Hells Angels in Amsterdam claimed Van Boxtel had been recruited by property tycoon Willem Endstra to kill Holleeder for EUR 1 million. Van Boxtel allegedly received a EUR 250,000 advance on that sum before Endstra was shot and killed in May.

The plan against Holleeder, a lawyer for the club said, was to plant a bomb in the Angels' social centre on H.J.E. Wenckebachweg in Amsterdam. Van Boxtel and two other plotters, the Angels said,  were not concerned about the possibility some of their "brothers" could also be killed.

The Hells Angels did not produce any evidence to support these claims. Van Boxtel and two others named in the alleged plot were held for questioning by the police, but were later released without charge.

There was speculation in the media at the time that Van Boxtel was preparing to turn State's evidence and tell all about the Hells Angels' alleged criminal links.

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