Controversial doctoral defence postponed

22nd January 2008, Comments 3 comments

The Technical University Eindhoven cancelled the controversial doctoral defence of chemist Marcoen Cabbolet on Monday.

22 January 2008

AMSTERDAM – The Technical University Eindhoven cancelled the controversial doctoral defence of chemist Marcoen Cabbolet on Monday. His dissertation was approved by the doctoral committee but its defence was postponed by the university's executive board because of doubts about its quality.

Nobel prize winner Gerard 't Hooft, whom the board asked for advice, was very critical: "The argument is muddled, the passages on physics largely contain nonsense." Other experts consulted agreed with his viewpoint, which the university has now adopted.

Cabbolet responded: "The experts in theoretical physics consulted have no expertise in this area. ‘t Hooft only looked at it quickly. Moreover he does not have a monopoly on the truth."

The university has apologised to the doctoral candidate for errors in the procedure and is reimbursing his costs.

The dissertation describes an Elementary Process Theory (EPT). The contents are at odds with established theories like the theory of relativity.

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  • Ana posted:

    on 21st March 2008, 22:28:23 - Reply

    Could this be that the professor who signed for the thesis (the Dutch promotor)
    does not understand and and did not read a single word of the thesis? Could this be that he signed the approval for the text of the thesis without reading it? Could this be that now when his name is connected to this work he HAS to support it? In the eventuality that the book is proven to be a ridiculous nonsense the professor will be in a very funny situation. Maybe this will be a sign for other professors to actually read and pay attention to the work of their phd students and not just be coauthors on the papers.
  • Jean de Climont posted:

    on 14th February 2008, 19:05:34 - Reply

    Such a situation is the result of the laxism of too many high level scientists.

    The courage of the Eindhoven University management shall be emphasized.

    A strong line of defense of SRT, GRT and QM shall be implemented so that the Truth is maintained.

    It shall be strictly forbidden to mention in newspapers, books or in Internet such problems as the incoherency between deterministic and probabilistic approaches in physics; such as superluminous speeds found in 4 categories of completely independent physical situations, and to let everybody looking in Internet to the problem encountered with the failing PROBE B experiment.

    The worst is certainly that books explaining the failure of strings theory could be edited.

    Internet shall be cleaned off from thousands of dissidents (a pernicious kind of ZEKs). Any and all alternative theories (about 300) shall be eliminated out of Internet without delay so that the way towards the End of "pure Science" can remain fully opened for the thinking heads of the World in the direction initiated by Newton, Maxwell and all those giant scientists of the XXth century.

    Jean de Climont
  • Leo posted:

    on 22nd January 2008, 22:23:00 - Reply

    It seems to me incredible that such well educated professors are able to let this happen, huge blame for the University of Eindhoven.