Conservative Party wants cinema nuisance explained

22nd September 2009, Comments 2 comments

Young Muslims who celebrated the end of the holy month with a cinema visit on Sunday had to be evacuated from the building as they were too rowdy.

Amsterdam – Conservative VVD Party wants Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen to explain the cause of the Sunday riots at cinema Pathe de Munt.

On Sunday night, police had to evacuate about 60 young people from the Amsterdam cinema because they were rowdy and being a nuisance to other movie-goers.

Three of the 60 people were arrested on charges of insult, disruption of public order and destruction of public property.

As Sunday marked the end of Muslim holy month Ramadan, it is believed the youngsters were at the cinema to celebrate the end of the fasting month as in previous years.

However, police said it was unclear whether the young people were there to celebrate the festival.

Traditionally, many young Muslims celebrate the month-long Muslim fasting period of Ramadan with a cinema visit. However, in the past years, cinemas throughout the Netherlands have experienced increasing violence behaviour during such celebrations.

In Pathe de Munt several years ago, a quarrel broke out between some guys in the midst of the movie. The quarrel was quickly blown out of proportion as other friends in the room intervened. The dispute was only resolved after the police stepped in.

Pathe de Munt has therefore deployed extra security for Sunday.

A VVD party member calls the violence behaviour unacceptable and wants Cohen to clarify the traditional annual event that is starting to resemble a worrying situation. The party also wants cinemas to be well equipped so it can handle similar situations.

The Pathe Square Theatre cinema in Rotterdam was also evacuated at 20:30 after dozens of teenagers created a lot of noise and threw popcorn, making it impossible for other film-goers to continue watching the movies.


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  • Yahya Mansoor posted:

    on 8th October 2009, 18:14:29 - Reply

    I guess they were just a bunch of young idiots .. just ignore them. Happens everywhere, Eid or no Eid. Thats what Youth is for you.
  • S.J posted:

    on 22nd September 2009, 13:56:39 - Reply

    I was there with my girlfriend. We watched a movie with serious disturbance from these teenagers and then left just before it started getting really crazy. I really don't get these boys - they act like monkeys! I am from a muslim country myself and nobody celebrates end of the Ramadan by going to some stupid hollywood movie, let alone act like monkey...
    I am really shocked.