Concert attended by Queen disturbed by Jesus Christ

4th September 2011, Comments 0 comments

A concert attended by Queen Beatrix has been disturbed by a Dutchman who invoked Allah to say he was Jesus.

As the gala concert in the Concertgebouw was about to begin, the man, dressed in a suit, mounted the stage, grabbed the microphone and said: “I’m sorry. In the name of Allah the merciful. I’m sorry. This is not the way.”

At first, some people in the audience assumed the man’s speech was part of the performance. He then said he was Jesus Christ. “Whatever you want to call it. But I’m here to invite you. There’s no problem. There is no bomb. Please remain seated.”

Security escorted him off stage before he could continue. The Queen stayed in her seat throughout the incident.

The 39-year-old man, an Amsterdam resident, is well-known to the police. He has been detained on several occasions for interrupting public gatherings and was said to be “making a confused impression”.

The concert was held on Saturday evening to mark the centenary of the Society of Dutch Composers. After the incident it went ahead as planned.

© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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